Who we are

Our member organizations, who implement approximately 10 per cent of Sweden´s total supply of around the clock rehabilitation.

Rainbow Sweden was created in 1996 with the purpose of stimulating cooperation between client-driven organisations.  Today it consists of eight organisations.  Our member’s activities differ, but their common goal is to improve the life of people suffering from exclusion and its consequences, notably those involved with drug abuse.

Rainbow Sweden has developed a quality assurance system, Rainbow Quality System (RQS).  Our members implementing this system represent approximately 10 per cent of the country’s total supply of around the clock rehabilitation.

The member organizations are listed below (alphabetically):

Basta Group
“Basta Work Cooperative not-for-profit association which runs business activities” was the grand name registered for the organisation in the autumn of 1994, when Basta opened its gates for the first time in the Nykvarn municipality in the region of Stockholm.  The goal was then, as it is now, to rehabilitate people who have been away from the labour market for long periods due to drug abuse and/or criminality.  The idea was that the people who found work at Basta would start their rehabilitation process by jointly running a commercial enterprise.  Basta’s occupational approach proved to be sustainable, and the company has expanded and developed into the Basta Group.

Today the group consists of:

Basta Nykvarn
Basta Väst AB in Borås and Lerum, in the Gothenburg region
Basta Ragnhildsborg, HVB in Södertälje in the Stockholm region
Basta Underhåll AB in Nykvarn
YES – Vocational and Entrepreneurial Education in Nykvarn

Please read more at www.basta.se.

Convictus in Stockholm is a not-for-profit, politically and religiously unconnected association, which works with homelessness, drug abuse, and health issues.  It was started in 1985 as a support association for HIV-positive drug abusers, when HIV first came to Sweden.  Convictus today has two projects providing daytime recreational and training activities for the homeless, Bryggan Östermalm and Bryggan Vantör.  Its other projects include: Convictus Tomtebo, a health centre for drug abusers; Convictus Health Café, a support centre for the homeless; and Convictus Advice and Support.

Convictus also runs “HIV in Stockholm” and “Convictus Health point”.  These activities focus on testing for HIV and hepatitis, and providing support to HIV-positive homeless people and others at risk of becoming infected.  The association works through outreach in the city, in homes, at hospitals, in institutions, and also arranges conferences and seminaries.

Convictus has two sister organisations, one in Estonia and one in Ukraine, that focus on drug abuse, HIV, hepatitis, and human rights.

Please read more at www.convictus.org

Dianova Sweden
Dianova Sweden runs care and treatment activities for people with dependency problems.  The organisation has many years of experience in the treatment of drug abuse and is constantly developing in order to meet the needs of its clients as new drugs and new drug-use patterns evolve.  Great importance is attached to cooperation and networking with others in order to help support the target group.

Dianova Sweden offers people with drug problems a complete chain of care throughout the different phases of rehabilitation: it is not simply one isolated programme.  Parts of the treatment take place at Dianova’s centres in Belgium, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Spain, or Uruguay.

Please read more at www.dianovasverige.org

Länkarna Huddinge
The society Länkarna Huddinge, in the Stockholm region,  was created 1958.  Its activities are lead by reformed alcoholics in cooperation with a network of specialists on dependency issues.  “They way you have been helped, is the way you will help others” is the motto of Länkarna Huddinge.  Its goal is to assist people to recover through common activities, being together, and peer support.

The venue “Gula Villan” is open 7 days a week, all year round.  It offers visitors a TV-room, internet café, billiard table, sauna, and a carpentry workshop.  Every weekday clients can eat both breakfast and lunch on the premises.  On Wednesdays it is also open at night and offers food and activities such as the traditional Swedish “fem-kamp”, bingo, or discussions relating to alcohol and drugs.  During the year, a number of common excursions are held, and on special weekends such as Christmas and New Year open activities are arranged.

Information about Länkarna Huddinge’s activities is provided at treatment centres, hospitals.

Please read more at www.huddingelankarna.org.

Nobba Brass & Nubbe
NBN in Stockholm supports people with previous drug problems through fellowship and meaningful activities in a drug-free environment.  NBN runs the Red Nose café where one can eat the daily special, have a coffee at subsidised prices, and meet people with different experience and interests.  The café has become a popular meeting point for young people in Stockholm’s Södermalm district and provides them with opportunities to surf the net or to use its well-equipped gym.  NBN is known for the so-called Gökotteloppet, which takes place every spring.  In this race there are participants from elite running teams running together with joggers and groups of friends.  The association also has a soccer team in the local league, and has won several awards.  Other popular NBN activities include guitar instruction, classes in painting and sketching, Zen yoga classes, computer classes for beginners, and excursions to animal parks and other popular tourist attractions.

Free legal advice is available for members.  Through the association you can also get tickets to different cultural, sport and free time arrangements.

Read more at www.nobba.se

Prima Gruppen
The Prima Group (former Länkarna Johanneshov) was created in 1992 by ten former drug abusers in Stockholm. Today almost everyone who work in the centers have themselves had a background of drug abuse. In order to support drug abusers in their struggle to become drug-free we offer work, housing and an active spare time during the time you are engaged in any of our centers. Today the Prima Group consists of:

Krinolinen, HVB in Stockholm, which is Sweden’s biggest rehabilitation center for people with drug problems with lodging opportunities for 100 people.

Roo Gård, a cooperative in Österåker municipality, in The Stockholm region where over 45 people live and work in the company. There are activities such as construction and remodeling, riding school, farming, animal care, large scale catering, forestry work and graffiti removal.

The removal firm Länkarna Johanneshov takes on transporting missions all over Sweden and the Nordic countries. The drivers have had their drivers’ licenses financed by the Prima Group. High reliability and guaranteed soberness reflects the business.

Read more at www.primagruppen.se

Roxnäs Behandlingshem
Roxnäs Treatment center is run by Länkarna in the town of Eskilstuna, and was started 34 years ago and is situated in Torshälla, north of Eskilstuna. Roxnäs runs rehabilitation of drug abusers according to the spirit of Länkarna and we follow their seven rules:
The goal is to help the drug abuser recover if he or she wants to.
To disseminate the idea from Länkarna in the purpose of awakening the drug abuser’s notion about the drugs harm.
To give the sick a warm being together, friends, and a good understanding.
To always with sharpness stress a human being’s right to live and to survive as human.
To help others the way we have been helped.

Roxnäs Treatment center has 12 placements and can offer a social integration programme. It is a modern treatment center where work and group conversations are intermixed. To live and participate in our programme, means you are being part of the solidarity during both work and your spare time. We foremost work with alcohol dependencies but also drug dependent people are welcome.


Svenska Brukarföreningen
Svenska Brukarföreningen – The Swedish Drug Users Union

Read more at svenskabrukarforeningen.se


Read more at x-cons.se